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Projecting the 2008 Draft

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The 2008 NHL Draft is just days away and various publications are putting up their projected 1st round picks. Let's take a look at who the Thrashers are projected to take by various sources.
[Edit--I just added Gare Joyce of ESPN, the, Alan Muir/ to the list]

#3 Overall
The Hockey News: Zach Bogosian - D comparable Rob Blake
Bob McKenzie/TSN: Zach Bogosian - D comparable Rob Blake
Hockeys Future Mock: Zach Bogosian - D comparable Rob Blake
Red Line Report: Drew Doughty - D comparable Ray Bourque
International Scouting Services: Nikika Filatov - LW comparable Dan Alfredsson
McKeens: Alex Pietrangelo - D comparable Sergei Zubov
Gare Joyce/ESPN: Zach Bogosian - D comparable Rob Blake Zack Bogosian - D comparable Rob Blake
Alain Muir/Sports Illustrated: Drew Doughty - D

I doubt the team would take Filatov as they already have Kovalchuk at LW and their need is greatest at defense. So it seems almost certain the club will take one of the many elite blueline prospects. Which one depends a great deal on what the LA Kings do with the #2 pick. Some think that LA wants Pietrangelo and might be willing to trade down to the #5 spot if they think he will fall to them there. Doughty is rated #2 by most observers, but if LA picks Pietrangelo or trades the pick to another team that covets Filatov the Thrashers might have their pick between Bogosian and Doughty. Bogosian's strength is his combination of skill and relentless competitiveness while Doughty is praised for his great hockey sense and offensive skills but he needs to get into pro athlete shape.

#29 Overall
The Hockey News: Zac Dalpe - C comparable Travis Zajac
Bob McKenzie/TSN: Jordan Eberle - C comparable Joe Mullen
Hockeys Future Mock: Zac Dalpe - C comparable Travis Zajac
Red Line Report: Daulton Leveille - C comparable Phil Kessel
International Scouting Services: Aaron Ness - D Comparable Phil Housley
McKeens: Mitch Wahl - C comparable Matt Stajan
Gare Joyce/ESPN - Jared Staal - RW comparable Trent Hunter
Forecaster. ca: Jyri Niemi - D comparable Joe Corvo
Alain Muir/Sports Illustrated: Nicolas Deschamps - C comparable to Patrice Bergeron

I suspect that the Thrashers will trade this pick on Draft Day given the team's history of making deals and all the needs on their roster. However, if they do retain the pick they will likely get a player that they have rated as a mid-first rounder but was passed over by other clubs. The Hockey News and Hockey's Future point to Dalpe and Bob McKenzie points to Jordan Eberle. Bot of these guys are Centers and the organization could always your more quality pivots. Thrashers prospects Angelo Esposito and Riley Holzapfel both play center but it is easier to move a center to the wing than vice versa.

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