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Draft/Coach Media Roundup

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Click over for a nice little article by Kevin Allen of USA Today on the Thrashers draft pick and Atlanta native Vinny Saponari. The hockey media in general is disproportionately Canadian and Allen was made a concerted effort to put the spotlight on the growing number of Americans playing the game. Allen has also gone out of his way to give coverage to non-traditional markets like Atlanta that off get the short shrift by media in established NHL markets. Yes, I am a fan of Allen.

New Thrashers beat writer Mark Knobler has a nice profile of new Thrashers head coach John Anderson. I've written about my concerns that Anderson may have difficulty repeating his succesess in the NHL, but I do want to say that Anderson seems like a very decent and very hardworking person. While my brian may have some doubts about the hire, my heart will be rooting for Anderson to succed in the big leagues. The man certainly has displayed great persistence and dedication to his trade and you must admire that about him.

Ben Wright of the Blueland Blog traveled to Ottawa and collected information about the Thrashers picks. Generally speaking it is hard to find out much about these players once you get past the top 60 players taken, so the additional information is certainly welcome.

Thrashers Prospect Annex has an interview with Gladiators Head Coach Jeff Pyle and the potential to move up to the AHL following the John Anderson promotion to the NHL level. Also featured are some comments from fellow local pro hockey player David Caruso on Vinny Saponari.

I'll throw in this last little tidbit that I heard through the local hockey grapevine. Apparently some of the Saponari clan were over at the MIC on Saturday and they were very pleased to learn that the local NHL team had drafted their son.