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Spring Break Edition

It is spring break at my workplace so I'll be posting less often this week. If you're sitting a computer (like I am) take a virtual break by staring at that picture for a minute.

Craig Custance has a question about the playoffs over at his blog, but the math is just getting really ugly.
  • If the Thrashers win 60% of possible points remaining, the Hurricanes still need only to go 1-12-1 to beat us.
  • If the Thrashers win 70% of possible points remaining, the Hurricanes only need to go 3-11 to beat us.
  • If the Thrashers win 80% of possible points remaining, the Hurricanes only need to go 7-7 the rest of the way.
Sadly I have a hard time seeing the Thrashers getting hot enough to even put pressure on Carolina. I'm sure they are more worried about the Capitals.

The New Guys and the Post-Trade Thrashers

Both Armstrong and Christensen look decent so far. Not many points or shootout goals but they both play with energy and purpose out there. I think the same could be said for the while team lately. All that chatter about the Hossa trade speculation not bothering the team sure looks like wishful thinking--this team looks like the piano was lifted off their shoulders. The game against Boston the on Saturday was one of the most entertaining games in a while.

Are there any noticeable differences so far since the big trade? Let's take a stroll through the numbers:

Offense (GFA)
2.56 Pre-Trade
2.50 Post-Trade

Defense (GAA)
3.16 Pre-Trade
3.25 Post-Trade

Shots For (SOGF)
25.8 Pre-Trade
27.8 Post-Trade

Shots Against (SOGA)
33.3 Pre-Trade
34.8 Post-Trade

Power Play %
17.9% Pre-Trade
12.5% Post-Trade

Penalty Kill %
79.6% Pre-Trade
88.2% Post-Trade

Team Save Percentage
90.5% Pre-Trade
90.6% Post-Trade

Team Shooting Percentage
9.9% Pre-Trade
9.0% Post-Trade

OK one big surprise is that so far the PK hasn't suffered at all from the departure of Dupuis and Hossa--that might change with time. Generally we see that the team is firing more shots (good) but converting fewer shots into goals (bad) and the power play is down significantly (bad). The goal tending, offense and defense numbers are almost unchanged. Keep in mind that in the four games since the big trade the following list of players have missed at least one game: Armstrong, Christensen, White, Klee, Havelid (who missed most of the PIT game) so they haven't had their full lineup for every game since the trade.