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Drooling over Draft Picks

I haven't been to Philips Arena since the Townhall Meeting but I plan to Friday's game in person so I can observe Valabik. I'll hold off commenting on him until after that game.

But I have been giving some thought to the up coming draft and this snippet on defenseman Drew Doughty from the International Scouting Service pretty much left me drooling.

"It has been a pleasure to watch this young man continue to grow. He plays over half of each game and competes very hard physically. In two games over the past few weeks against Kitchener, he demonstrated why he is probably ready to make the jump to the NHL- he was harassed in each game and he continued to come back with his physical play and his skill level. In a huge game against London, he rushed the puck from the defensive zone and beat two defenders in scoring a hi-light goal with 16 seconds left in the game for the win. He is a very classy young man and will not disappoint any team that takes him as their number one pick."

I'll take two please!

ISS has Dougherty ranked #3 overall. Here is their March Top 10.

1 C Stamkos, Steve
2 LW Filatov, Nikita
3 D Doughty, Drew
4 C Hodgson, Cody
5 D Pietrangelo, Alex
6 D Schenn, Luke
7 D Bogosian, Zach
8 C Wilson, Colin
9 LW Boedker, Mikkel
10 C Beach, Kyle