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Super Tuesday not so Super for Thrashers

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OK I'll admit. I gave my Thrasher tickets away to stay home and watch the election returns come in on Super Tuesday. Having said that, I did tape the game and watched it later and I have to say the Thrashers deserved to win the game in my opinion. Hossa and Kovalchuk both had some good looking chances they couldn't quite convert.

Lehtonen let in a softie from the blueline. He will never be considered a top goalie as long he lets those in. Eliot said that the great save he made later made up for it, but they still lost by 1 goal. That softie put his team behind and that changed the way the Thrashers played the game--and it changed the momentum of the contest.

Earlier I gave this team a very hard time because of a series of weak efforts. Now going back to the pre-All Star Game versus the Rangers that makes 5 games in a row where they have worked harder than the opposition. I can't remember any stretch this season where they have showed this kind of heart.