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Just in case I haven't made this clear already, I don't believe this current team will win a Stanley Cup anytime soon, nor do I think they will make the playoffs this year. Therefore, I'd be looking to trade any veteran over 33 off the roster if I were GM. Our young players have been productive this season and there are some great pieces to build around. There are just not enough young pieces at this point.

If there is any way to move Zhitnik off this roster short of trading away a high draft pick--do it. I'd move Kozlov too were it not for his no trade clause. The one older player I'd like to see return is Mark Recchi. He has made our power play better and his ability to handle the puck in traffic and in the corners is welcome. He's also not afraid to go to the crease area. No long term deals but I'd offer him another year in Atlanta.

1. Clear cap space.
2. Add talent.
3. Get younger.