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How Will the Thrashers Start Tonight?

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Last season I ran some numbers which showed that the Thrashers struggled when they had 3 or more days off. If I had more time I'd take a look at the numbers for this season, but I don't. However, I will point out that we recently saw this pattern in action when the team have 4 days off and came out flatter than a pancake at home and the Capitals outshot them something like 18-3 in the first period.

So now the Thrashers head up to Carolina for an important divisional contest. The Hurricanes have lost their heart and soul (Rod Brind'amour) for the rest of the season and have been receiving sub-standard goaltending for a while. The Thrashers are coming off an inspiration win versus New Jersey and an ugly loss to the Islanders--a game that seemed to have been plucked from the team's expansion years.

The Thrashers have now been off for several days. These days have been filled with wall to wall trade speculation about one of their star players. How will they respond? Will they come out firing with a chip on their shoulder or will they skate around flat-footed like a distracted team that hasn't seen any game action for 5 days? What kid of "character" will we see that in action tonight.