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Hossa Chatter Picks Up

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There is some talk up about a potential Montreal and Thrashers trade involving Hossa. I can't say if there is any truth to these rumors and I'm reluctant to give credit to something said on the radio and reported on a message board, but sounds like DW was in Montreal last night which adds a bit more substance to this trade chatter. If the Thrashers were to make a deal with the Canadians they have some very interesting players.

Chris Higgins would be someone I'd love to see in a Thrashers uniform. He is skilled player with a great two way game. Montreal uses him both as a PK guy and on their PP unit. He also has leadership potential as evidenced by the "A" he wears at a young age. At 24 he is just about to enter his prime NHL years (25-30). Another plus regarding Higgins. He was born on Long Island and is a native English speaker (this team could really use a funny or intelligent player who could do more stuff for local TV or radio to raise the profile of the club).

Montreal also has some decent young defensive prospects that could be included in any potential deal. 2007 1st rounder Ryan McDonagh is playing this year at Wisconsin and putting up a very good point total for a 19 year old college defenseman. He was a high school star and was voted Mr. Hockey for the state of Minnesota and has played for the US under 18 national team.

Russia Alexei Yemelin (taken 84th overall in 2004) is playing in the top Russian League. This year he is playing with Kazan Ak-Bars and in previous seasons he has played with Tolyatti Lada. He hasn't put up big point totals but it is very hard to score in the top league in Russia. His scouting report over at Hockey's Future indicates he is more on the side of a tough hitter than a puck moving defenseman. One comment I can make is that he played a full season in the top Russian league by the time he was 20 which is a good sign that he is a quality player and could play in the NHL.