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Thrasher Roundup

No dominant theme today, just a number of smallish thoughts bouncing around in my head.

1) All Star Game: Savard named to the All Star Eastern Team. I'm really hoping to see a reunited Kovalchuk-Savard-Hossa line during the game. I imagine that more fans will cheer for Savard than for the injured Dany Heatley.

2) Pittsburgh Game: I thought the Thrashers played with much more intensity and focus than they had against Philadelphia and Florida. The goal by Crosby where he did his spin move and then went to the slot was remarkably similar to watching Gretzky in his prime. If the Thrashers had given that sort of effort on Thursday they would have beaten Florida in regulation. Three points in the first games gives them a cushion as they face off against the best team in the NHL on Tuesday night. Still need to get 1 more point in the next two games.

3) Detroit Game: Craig Custance mentions in his blog how GM Don Waddell will have a large number of family in attendance. I few years ago I had the chance to meet one of his brothers who lives up in Cadillac Michigan. Living up north this Waddell brother creates a huge back yard hockey rink every winter complete with lights for play after dark. His wife complained about people getting dressed in their house so he even made up some out door locker/changing rooms for the neighbors who come over to play. Now that is a hockey player's dream right there. (I learned to skate on our pond in Michigan and I do miss playing outdoors sometimes.)

4) Over at the Blueland Blog Ben Wright points to a couple of critical articles appearing on Kukula's news aggregator. The thing that I noticed on Kukula this week were articles from three different NHL cities complaining about how the local club is inconsistent. It seems that other than the Red Wings and Senators just about every team has been on a bit of a roller coaster this year. The OTL points and salary cap seem to be creating more parity than ever before.