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Puck Possession Will Be on Display in Detroit

The Thrashers have taken some modest stepts toward playing a more puck possession style of game following the firing of Coach Bob Hartley. Tonight they will see that style in full force as the Wings having been playing that way for the last decade. They draft and acquire players who have good hands and good speed and don't worry so much about hitting. It has worked well for them.

If the Thrashers get dump happy it will be a long game for them because the Wings will have the puck all the time. Certain Thrashers tend to just dump it into the corner or to center ice (yes, I'm looking at you Exelby) which just means that Nick Lidstrom is going to pick up that loose puck and put it right on the tape of Zetterberg or Datsyuk breaking up the ice.

To have any shot at winning this game I think it is crucial the Thrashers keep control of the puck when they can and Kovalchuk and Lehtonen have huge games. I will live in fear each time the Zhitnik pairing is out of the ice since Alexei still thinks he can keep up with the forwards blowing past him. If Kari comes out and handle the puck that is going to turn out badly against this team.