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Anatomy of a melt down

Let's pull out the handy checklist.
  • Reason to rest on laurels? Check. Two upset wins against Detroit and Pittsburgh.
  • Feeling fat and happy? Check. 6 points in their last 4 and a tie for division lead.
  • Evil scheduling? Check. Third game in four nights. Second of back to back on the road after a night of little sleep.
  • Motivated opponent? Check. Buffalo had only earned 5 out of a possible 10 points lately.
  • Reason to underestimated opposition? Check. They had been struggling.
Game Outcome: not all that surprising--a flat start, terrible all around performance, record setting blowout loss and an amazing +1 by Enstrom and Havelid. Tip of the hat to Colin Stuart for a SH unassisted goal in a game most Thrasher fans will try hard to forget. It was ugly and I only watched part of it before going to dinner and heading out to play my own hockey game.

What's the big picture? In the last 6 games they have earned 6 points: 2 upset victories over Detroit and Pittsburgh, 2 OTL to Florida and Montreal, 2 blowout losses to Philly and Buffalo. They could have done better and they could also have done worse. They have neither gain much nor lost much. If they can make it through January the schedule gets a bit easier the rest of the way. But failing to beat Florida and Montreal will really hurt if this team misses the playoffs by a couple of points at the end of the season.