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All Star Rockin Skate

This will be a quick post. I got there at 8:15 am and picked up my exclusive Hossa figures without a problem, only about 20 people in line when I arrived. No line at all later.

The Jonas Bros before this event but apparently thousands of young ones love them based upon their Beatlemania screams and the very long line to buy the bands t-shirt.

The practice was so-so. A bit disorganized looking--I was really hoping to see them rehearse some of the Skills things but mostly they just milled around and warmed up goalies. My dream of seeing the trick shot rehearsed was not realized either.

We did get a preview of the drum corps which will provide intermission entertainment and I look forward to seeing them again. Best thing that happened all day was getting my very own mug on an Upper Deck card for FREE!!!!