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A Great Win

I need to go finish up my shopping today so this will be short.

A couple of posts I talked about the roller coasters and whether this was a bad team that got hot or a good team that was just cold. I'm still not sure we know the answer that question but the club is hot again the last two games playing with great intensity and mental sharpness.

Last night Kari Lehtonen single handily shut down the potent Ottawa offense. Late in the third period Ottawa tried to screen him and get pucks past him but Kari moved well and did a terrific job tracking the puck through all those bodies.

The checkers did their part as Holik helped to create Kovalchuk's goal and Boulton got a huge one to tie the game. It seemed obvious to me that the Thrashers game plan was to throw pucks at Gerber at every opportunity and other than the power play unit the whole team really stuck to that strategy resulting in a season high in shots and a franchise high for shots in one period.

It was exciting to see the team play this well against a very good opponent. Now they just have to keep doing it as they take on Montreal which has pretty owned the Thrashers over the last eight seasons.