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Falconer Skates on NHL Ice this Friday Night!!!

You may have heard that the Atlanta Thrashers added a player in his mid-30s with declining skills to their roster this weekend. Unfortunately that's not me, that's Mark Recchi. But the good news is that I will make my first ever appearance on the ice at Philips Arena.

The AAHL will have their Lower A All-Star Game immediately following the conclusion of the Thrashers-Leafs contest. I've been chosen to play in this contest and I'm really looking forward to skating around on the NHL ice.

We are selling tickets (at a modest discount) to cover the expense of the ice and to raise money for the AAHL Foundation (which helps people in our local hockey community--in the last year we have had players deal with stroke, cancer and deaths). So if you don't already have a ticket for Friday get one now--the game may sell out.

The ticket discounts are as follows:
$38 300 Level seats for $33
$58 200 Level seats for $53
$74 100 Level seats for $69
Call Carrie Neville with the Thrashers 404-878-3936 and tell her The Falconer sent you.

So come on out to the Thrashers-Leafs game and stick around and cheer (or mock me) on Friday. It should be a lot of fun--well at least until I get home and see what the other bloggers say about my hockey skills (I expect a scathing review from the sock puppet).