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Odds and Ends

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Sorry everyone but I've been sick a bit here lately and haven't felt much like posting. I'm sure the game tonight and Saturday will revive me a bit. While ill I did read a couple of interesting thing which I discuss below.

I want to point out that Kevin Allen has a column today that is fun to read and mentions the Thrashers a couple of times, click here to read it. I should mention that Allen has a blog which I only just discovered this last week. It is worth checking out (even some of his older posts) because he is very passionate not just about the NHL but about American hockey which often gets little attention from many American and Canadian newspaper writers. He also pays more attention to the Thrashers than many other NHL commentators do.

Also the Thrashers Prospects Annex has an item about Mike Vannelli whom the Thrashers drafted in the 4th round of teh 2003 NHL draft. He choose not to sign with Atlanta and found himself playing in the ECHL. Perhaps he got some bad advice from his agent, or perhaps he just thought too highly of himself--I don't know, but after moving from one of the elite college teams (Minnesota) to the ECHL he decided to end his pro career at two games and retire.

The Forbes franchise valuations and revenue estimates came out this week. As far as can tell the numbers fit with things that I have heard (if the numbers are wrong the Thrashers are free to dispute them--just send me an email). According to Forbes the team had an operating loss of around $6.5 million last year. The most encouraging thing in the Forbes article on the Thrashers is that revenue appears to be going up. After years of just treading water between $57-60 million the team's revenues in the first post-lockout season rose to $64 million and then rose again to $67 million last season. According to a recent article in the Atlanta Business Journal team officials are reported as saying that advance ticket sales were robust this off season and they need to keep growing revenues at a good clip if they want to continue receiving the maximum in NHL revenue sharing monies.