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Wolves Game, Trade Rumors, Chicago

I'm tired and so this will be short. It was good to back in Chicago and the weather was terrific early in the day. I made a visit to the Chicago Blackhawks store on Michigan Ave. They have a large variety of stuff available for their fans. While I don't think I would want to live here during the winter, I certainly enjoy visiting this city on a regular basis.

I met up with Wolfkeeper before the game. In case you didn't already know, Wolfkeeper runs the discussion main forum for Chicago Wolves fans, click here to visit it. As always it was good to see him and his wife who visited with me during the 1st period.

The game was something of an organizational meeting as I saw former Wolves Brett Sterling and Garnet Exelby (who signed autographs during the 1st intermission) in the building. I also noticed GM Don Waddell and Assistant Coach Steve Weeks and I'm assuming that Coach McCrimmon was around as well. The Wolves GM was at the Thrasher-Nashville game on Thursday so the staffs of these two teams are seeing a fair amount of each other this week.

It seems that some other teams are keeping close tabs on the Thrashers NHL and AHL players as I noticed a scout who was at the Nashville game was also at the Wolves contests. I'm not really a big fan of trade rumors, but there is some smoke here, so perhaps there is a fire brewing out of sight. From the outside it certainly appears to me that a couple of clubs are taking a hard look at the Atlanta Thrashers major and minor league assets--only time will tell.

The Wolves walked away with the game 4-1. It was the most sparsely attended Wolves

I'll post some comments on individual Thrasher prospects after the NHL game on Saturday. Perhaps we Pavelec will get his first start at the United Center. The Blackhawks-Thrashers game will not be on CenterIce so I'll try and take good notes and fill you in any interesting details from that game.