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Thrashers Times

In case you missed it, a new one stop shop for Thrashers News was recently created called Thrashers Times. It lists the three most recent articles from the and all the Thrasher blogs so it is the most convenient place to go if you want to see what other folks are writing about the home town team. I've added a link to it on the sidebar.

J.P. started one for all the Capitals bloggers and George from Talking Thrash took the lead and set one up for Atlanta fans. I'm not one who posts a ton of links so I'm glad to see this site go up as well. Between the Southeast Shootout (Divisional blogs) and now Thrashers Times (Thrashers blogs) we fans have some handy resources available to stay on top of things.

Finally, it is good to see that we have enough bloggers to merit something like this. I first started blogging after the lockout because there was so little Thrasher content out there. I wanted to read more stuff myself and I guessed that there must be others who felt the same way. They always say "write the book you would like to read" so I took that approach with blogging. My blog favors numbers and analysis because I enjoy reading that sort stuff about baseball.