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According to the Fans Everybody Makes the Playoffs

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If you haven't seen it already ESPN has poll for each NHL team where they ask a series of questions such as where each team will finish, who will lead the team in points and if they will make the playoffs and so on. (Feel free to click overand vote if you haven't). I decided to check out all five Southeast Division teams and to my amazement found that the voters expect every SE team to make the the post season. Check out the list.

Percent voting that the team will make the playoffs

87.7% Carolina

85.9% Tampa

85.1% Washington

73.5% Florida

63.7% Atlanta

That there is evidence of what Alan Greenspan might refer to as "irrational exuberance" on the part of fans. There is no way all five teams make the post-season. On the other hand it does suggest that fans of each SE team have some reason for hope.

I do find it interesting that the people who put their money where their mouth is (see Vegas odds below) have the Thrashers much higher than do most pre-season predictions offered by columnists around the league.