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My Top 5 Most Intriguing Visitors

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I started writing this blog over a year ago to give Thrashers fans some additional reading material. Other than the, Atlanta and occasional mentions on or The Hockey News there simply isn't that much written about the local NHL team. I'm happy to say that there are some very regular readers who come back over and over again. When I don't post for a while I feel guilty knowing that you're looking at the same old post.

But a few of my readers really make me scratch my head at times. For example, I can see the IP address of folks who view the blog and vast majority are from Georgia. I also receive some traffic from Chicago (home to the Wolves) and the Canada (not surprising). But here are the top 5 most mysterious Thrashers Talons readers.

1. I have a frequent reader who lives in Livingston, New Jersey. Is this someone who is from Atlanta attending a college up there? Or is this an Atlanta native in exile? This blog writer would like to know (feel free to email me sometime using my gmail account if you are too shy to post--it is on my profile page). Maybe you're just sick of watching the Devils and like to watch the exciting Atlanta Thrashers team? Or maybe this is Gary Bettman's personal residence (hmmm)?

2. To my Los Angeles reader--what brings you here? I know LA is Brett Sterling's home town so maybe that is why you visit this blog now and then.

3. Kallax, Sweden--Are you a fan of Nic Havelid or perhaps Tobias Enstrom? I've never been to Sweden but I have to say that I think the name "Kallax" sounds very cool, it could be the name of a planet in a science fiction movie. The Thrashers have had a number of Swedes over the years including a family favorite in Per Svartvadet. Perhaps you are the poster "Demandred" from the Chicken, then again maybe you're not.

4. All those people who get here by typing "The Price is Right" into google. Ha ha! I used the logo from that game show in a post a long time ago and google still directs people to my blog because of that image. (note to self, work in more game show logos to increase random visitor traffic).

5. Those fans who get here by typing "kari Lehtonen girlfriend" into google. This made laugh the first time I noticed it, but it still happens now and again. This is not one of those gossipy rumor sites where I blab about players personal lives--I try to respect their privacy--but I did have Kari's girlfriend in front of me in line once and posted about it and that single comment continues to produce the occasional new reader. Perhaps those readers hope to displace the incumbent, I don't know, but it does make me chuckle.