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Who Has Money Left? Part II

Irish Blues new website has updated salary cap totals for the off season. He does a great job and knows much more than I about the CBA details. You should visit his site because it is the most exhaustive out there.

One thing to keep in mind is that their are some important differences in how the salary cap numbers are calculated in the off season versus the regular season. His numbers use the off season approach. My estimates (see below) attempt to approximate the numbers for a 20 man roster for regular season rules which explains some of the difference between the two lists. What I've done below is show both his estimates (column 1) and my estimates (column 3).

Generally speaking there are some significant differences between the two sets of estimates but I'm too tired to puzzle them out right now. The ranking of both lists are pretty close in terms of which teams are at the top and bottom of each conference. The Thrashers rank right around 20th in the NHL.

IB Estimate/Team Name/My Estimate
54.4 PHI 49.1
50.1 BOS 46.4
49.5 TOR 47.4
44.8 CAR 42.1
44.1 NYR 43.9
43.8 OTT 44.6
41.5 TBL 40.3
40.5 MON 41.3
38.8 FLA 41.4
37.4 PIT 39.7
37.2 ATL 36.7
37.0 WAS 36.9
34.6 NJD 35.6
31.6 BUF 33.2
24.8 NYI 26.0

47.4 ANA 50.5
44.4 COL 43.5
43.5 STL 45.0
43.2 DAL 40.6
42.7 VAN 45.0
42.3 CGY 44.5
42.3 CHI 40.7
41.2 MIN 41.4
38.7 DET 41.0
37.4 CBJ 37.1
36.6 LAK 39.6
35.6 SJS 37.1
31.9 EDM 39.9
30.7 PHO 32.5
29.5 NAS 30.6

The Rangers, Flyers and Kings have been getting much of the headlines but there are quite a few teams who have shown a lot of restraint and ended up making few significant salary additions (PHO, SJS, CBJ, DAL, NYI, BUF, NJD, TBL, CAR, BOS) which by my count comes to 10 teams. So roughly 1/3 of the NHL has not added a free agent making any significant salary. The Thrashers have made a few moves but none involving big money free agents so far.

By the way, the Islanders are going to have to add $10 million in salary just to hit the league floor! I'm betting somebody gets overpaid.