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Who has Money Left?

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There are several good free agents left out there. I was curious to know which teams had money left under the cap so I ran the numbers. I'm sure this is not perfect, but using lots of web resources here are the MINIMUM salary commitments for each team as of 3:00 Monday. For RFA I used their qualifying offers, in some cases those RFA will probably see a major raise.

$$$ Team Name (Significant RFA to be signed)
49.1 Philadelphia
47.4 Toronto
46.4 Boston
44.6 Ottawa (Emery, Schubert, Kelly, Saparykin)
43.9 NY Rangers (Lundqvist, Prucha, Avery, Hossa)
42.1 Carolina
41.4 Florida (?Dvorak salary, Weiss)
41.3 Montreal (Ryder)
40.3 Tampa
39.7 Pittsburgh (Armstrong)
36.9 Washington (Eminger)
36.7 Atlanta (Exelby)
35.6 New Jersey (Parise, P.Martin)
33.2 Buffalo (Vanek, Roy, Paetsch, Paille)
26.0 NY Islanders (Campoli, Hunter)

50.5 Anaheim (Selanne? includes S.Niedermayer)
45.0 St. Louis (Stempniak, Woywitka)
45.0 Vancouver
44.5 Calgary
43.5 Colorado (Svatos)
41.4 Minnesota
41.0 Detroit (Hudler)
40.7 Chicago
40.6 Dallas (Ribeiro, Jokinen, Miettinen)
39.9 Edmonton (Pitkanen, Torres)
39.6 LA Kings (Cammalleri)
37.1 San Jose
37.1 Columbus
32.5 Phoenix (Ballard)
30.6 Nashville

Edit: removed Nylander from EDM and re-ranked.