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Which Free Agents are Left?

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A quick look at who is still available right now. There are still some quality players out there. Will we see prices fall for some of these guys now that the initial frenzy has passed? A lot of former Thrashers on that list.

Top Tier Forwards: Forsberg, Selanne, Shanahan, S. Kozlov, Guerin, Comrie
Second Tier Forwards: Zubrus, Amonte,
Third Tier Forwards: Belanger, Friesen, M. Johnson, Vasicek, Gelinas, Rasmussen, Peca, Metropolit, Fedotenko, Ekman, Bulis, A. Hall, Weinhandl, A. Hilbert
Checkers: Fedoruk, C. Simon, Petrovicky, Nieminen, Isbister, McCarty
Project Forwards: Lindros, Nedved, J. O'Neill, Jason Allison, Roenick, R. Robitaille, A. Carter

Top Tier Defense: Brisbois, Souray, D. Markov
Second Tier Defense: Berard, Numminen, Sopel, B. Stuart
Third Tier: Niinimaa, A. Miller, Klemm, Lukowich, Rachunek, S. Hill, Vishnevski, Tjarnqvist, Tanabe, Hnidy, Sutton

Here are some guys I wouldn't mind seeing in the home team jersey next season: Cormrie, Belanger, Vasicek, Metropolit.