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I rarely just post links to other articles but here are a couple of interesting reads.

Steve Simmons on Scotty Bowman's near return to the NHL.

Larry Brooks on what Edmonton's GM really should have done to stick it to a big rich franchise instead of picking on the Sabres.

Bucky Gleason: It turns out that the Sabres rejected an offer to sign Briere for $5 million per season for five years in January. Ouch!

Sean Hill suspended for a positive steroid test explains himself and sounds surprisingly convincing. It don't understand why the NHL doesn't use a split sample like racing and other sports to guard against lab error.

Speaking of free agency a Hockey News poll of NHL players taken back in March shows that Atlanta is neither a hated destination nor a favored location as a place to live. I have a feeling that if this franchise ever reaches Cup contender status Atlanta could move up and become one of the attractive places for a player to come and live.