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The 2007-08 Thrashers as of Today

Adding in the three signing yesterday I thought I would make up a table showing the Thrashers roster if the season started right now. Brace yourself because it isn't pretty. The Thrashers would have to make extensive use of rookies to fill in a number of holes if the season started today (which it does not thankfully!)

Line Player Name
Salary in Millions
NHL Game Played
1st Hossa 6.000 629
1st Little 0.850 0
1st Sterling 0.585 0
2nd Kovalchuk 6.389 387
2nd T. White 2.237 414
2nd Perrin 0.750 86
3rd Holik 4.250 1170
3rd Dupuis 0.880 357
3rd Larsen 0.535 232
4th Slater 0.945 145
4th Thorburn 0.495 41
4th Krog 0.475 198
1st Zhitnik 3.503 1020
1st Enstrom 0.750 0
2nd Havelid 2.700 469
2nd Exelby 0.690 219
3rd McCarthy 0.725 247
3rd Popovic 0.517 11
G Lehtonen 1.850 110
G Hedberg 1.000 177
Bench Rucchin 2.125 735
Bench Haydar 0.462 6
Bench Oystrick 0.650 0

Rookies or players with less than a full NHL season worth of 82 games would fill 7 spots out of roster of 23 players. While I am in favor of giving promising rookies like Sterling and Enstrom a shot I'm fairly certain that this team could not make the playoffs.

The good news is that this roster I've put up only comes to $39.3 million. Now Exelby's listed salary is his qualifying offer and he will surely make double that amount so if we make that adjustment we are looking at a $40.0 million payroll. Too bad that the checking line of Holik-Slater-Dupuis line chews up over $6 million of the $40 million payroll.

The big question is what is the Thrashers budget? If it is $40 million don't expect much any substantial signing. If it is $44 million then the team can afford to upgrade from rookie Bryan Little to a veteran centerman or bump Perrin to down the depth chart by adding a scoring winger.

Coming Attractions: I'm working on a post on Todd White. It should be up soon.