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Thank You Readers!

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Now that the season is finished I wanted to say thanks for all of you who come by and visit this blog. The readership has really taken off this season as more of you discovered this place and I became more regular in my posts. Back in October I had 300 unique readers that month and the last two months the site has exceeded 3,000 unique readers a month (including over 600 in one single day woo-hoo)--so thanks for stopping by and spreading the word around. There are times when I don't always fell like posting, but knowing that some of you click on this site on a daily basis gives me a reason to keep writing.

I started out writing this blog because I felt that Thrasher fans could use additional hockey commentary since the local media gives them little attention. In particular I was unhappy with the coverage in AJC, but the new beat writer Craig Custance has done a bang up job since taking over mid-season and their coverage has certainly improved. Still the local TV and sports radio often give minimal attention to the team so I still have niche to fill I guess.

Again, I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on the team-even if you don't always agree with them. Thanks for putting up with my stats fetish! I'll keep posting over the summer but cut back to about once a week probably as things quiet down.