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February Penalties Drawn

We are now into the month of March, so it is time to update my season long study of Thrashers penalties drawn and taken. For those of you reading about this for the first time I only count penalties that affect the manpower advantage on the ice, thus off-setting situations are ignored. So what we have here are penalties that give one team or another a power play situation on the ice.

Your leaders in penalties drawn and taken in February are Hossa (not a surprise) and taken Sutton (not a surprise either). However. Mellanby had an unusually good month drawing 6 man advantage minutes in a single game versus Philadelphia. Kovalchuk also found himself among the leaders in penalties take which is hardly where an offensive superstar who rarely hits should find himself.

Player Feb. PIM Drawn Player Feb. PIM Taken
Hossa 16 Sutton 16
Mellanby 10 Sim 8
Exelby 6 Holik 8
Kozlov 6 Kovalchuk 8
Larsen 6 7 tied 6

If we look at the net season totals for forwards we see that Hossa has really pulled away from the pack. Hossa has drawn more than twice as many PP minutes (62) as he has taken (24) so far this season. Kozlov continues to have a strong season, while Sim has faded a bit in the 2nd half. A good second half has seen Vigier climb up into the top five in positive man advantage minutes among forwards.

Forwards PP Drawn SH Taken Season Net Difference
Hossa 62 24 +38
Kozlov 49 20 +29
Sim 48 32 +16
Vigier 34 20 +14
Rucchin 26 14 +12
Metropolit 26 20 +6
Slater 53 48 +5
Boulton 10 10 0
Holik 54 54 0
Belanger 2 6 -4
Kovalchuk 40 44 -4
Kapanen 16 22 -6
Larsen 20 28 -8
Mellanby 16 28 -12

Defense is a tough position where you have to take penalties from time-to-time just to prevent a goal against. None of the Thrashers defense have drawn more penalties than they have taken this year. Coburn's numbers are not all that impressive once you consider how few minutes he played in Atlanta. Sutton is far and away the worst of any Thrasher defensemen this year.

Defense PP Drawn SH Taken Net Season Difference
Coburn 2 16 -14
Vishnevski 14 28 -14
de Vries 22 40 -18
Hnidy 22 40 -18
Exelby 14 34 -20
Havelid 20 40 -20
McCarthy 4 24 -20
Sutton 8 43 -35