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The Cruelest Cut

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Cam Ward is out for the season after a skate sliced a muscle near his knee--and it really sucks. Why? Because it gives the team and their fans a handy excuse should their club miss the playoffs. Even though the truth of the matter is that this team was already on the cusp of missing the post season with a healthy playoff MVP netminder at the ready.

I was really looking forward to putting up all those pictures of dejected Hurricanes as they gathered their golfing gear and headed out for the links after NHL game #82. Now, however, good taste will mandate that I eschew such low stunts.

After all I remember so clearly now how compassionate everyone was to the Thrashers after they lost their #2 goalie before the season even started and their #1 just one game into the 05-06 season. Nothing like trying to make the playoffs with ECHL goaltending.

When your team fails to make the postseason by just two points, that is indeed the cruelest cut of all.