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A very welcome win versus the HurriWhalers. Despite the carping about low shot totals in the first I like what I saw out of the Thrashers from the get-go. I saw Ilya trying to cut into the slot area instead of taking the perimeter route the defense was giving him. I didn't work in the 1st period but his aggressiveness was key on the game winner in the 3rd.

I also really liked all the speed on the Kovalchuk-Slater-Metropolit line. They were absolutely blazing. Our team really looked fast against Carolina which surprised me. If they skate like that the last 20 games they will be just fine.

For all of you fans who complain about the team never catching any breaks, go back and watch this game. Hedberg had a rebound just slip wide of the net and Hossa caught a friendly bounce to tie the game at 1-1. I'm not saying the Thrashers were lucky--far from it--but they did get some favorable pucks.

Hedberg looked really strong for someone who rarely sees game action. Boulton buried the third goal like he was a top goal scorer.

Black Hole Problems Strike!

By the way the team website and boards have been down most of the day. I heard that all the negativity on the official boards finally collapsed in on itself creating a black hole in the internet and destroying the rest of the team site.