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Thrashers Getting Some Respect?

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I know that this will come as HUGE shock to JP at Japers Rink, but did a survey NHL players (approximately 20% participated) and not one Atlanta Thrasher made the list of either the Toughest Player or the Dirtest Player in the NHL. I guess they missed his treatise on the evils of Andy Sutton.

* Hossa was a runner up in the fastest skater, natural goal scorer, best overall athlete

* Kovalchuk was 2nd in the natural goal scorer and a runner up in fastest skater

* Hartley was a runner up in the Best Coach category.

* Mellanby came in 4th in as the current NHL player who would make a good NHL coach (impressive when you consider current Thrashers were not allowed to vote for their own teammate.)

I can't believe that Exelby didn't make the list of Hardest Hitter! I guess Eric Staal and Mats Sundin forgot to vote on this question. Looks like he needs to rock a few more opponents to get their votes.

To see the full survey go here: