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Thrasher College Prospects

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Hockeys Future has a new feature on the Thrashers collegiate prospects. As a group they don't inspire me all that much (especially now that Sterling has turned pro). Although on the positive side I think that every single one of them might be better than Scott Lehman.

The one guy that I really like is Grant Lewis who looked great at camp. I was hoping that Lewis would turn pro this season. But he returned to college only to become injured, so it has been a bit of a wasted season for him so far.

The other guy with some potential is Michael Vannelli plays on a very strong Minnesota team. The Gophers are high scoring squad and it is hard to know if Vannelli is getting points because he is creating offense or if he is getting points because he plays on an offensive team. We will have a better idea when he turns pro and plays on a different team "who was driving the bus" as they say.

The good news for those of you who are weary of watching the mistakes of de Vries, Sutton and Vishnevsky is that all three are soon to be free agents and the Thrashers are loaded with young defensemen prospects, so you can look forward to seeing mistakes made by rookie defensemen in the coming years.