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Reason #582 Why I am not a Sutton Fan

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I watched the ATL-VAN game at Twain's Saturday night with some friends-of-the-blogger. Needless to say I had a good time and missed some of the action so I sit down with handy DVR.

Low and behold what do I see on the replay of the 1st goal against. The Canuks do a hard dump into the right side of the Thrashers defensive zone. The puck rims around behind the net and up the left side boards. And lo and behold there is Sutton coasting towards the puck, I back it up and watch again and he never takes a stride. The puck goes past a coasting Sutton to Trevor Linden. Sutton doesn't put his stick out and try and prevent a pass. Linden makes a short dish to the Morrison who snaps it high for a goal.

Let's review:
1. Sutton didn't hustle to get a to a loose puck.
2. Sutton didn't cover Linden.
3. Sutton didn't take Morrison.
Sutton basically did nothing and the Canuks scored.

I almost laughed out loud hearing Darren Eliot remark about "how open the ice was" for the Canuks without mentioning Sutton's coverage erros since Eliot has defended Andy's play so many times on the post-game show.