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"The Price is Wrong--Bob!"

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I know that a lot of people are airing their frustrations over on the Atlanta Thrashers message boards about the fact that the Thrashers has not landed a big name player so far in trade talks. My guess is that Atlanta GM Don Waddell wanted to make a move prior to the big intra-divisional games.

But let's read between the lines shall we? All 30 GMs were together in Tampa Florida this last week. There are roughly 10 teams selling players and roughly 20 teams looking to add players. And how many trades did we see after they spend a couple days in non-stop trade chatter? Zero. That tells me that DW isn't the only GM out there who thinks the prices are way too high.

Recently it was reported over on that STL was asking for two 1st rounders for Guerin or Tkachuk. That's an absolutely huge price to pay for a rental player. Right now the sellers and the buyers are involved in a very large game of chicken to see who will blink first. Will prices finally come down in the final 48 hours or will some GM meet the asking price for a big name player.