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Ottawa Game

Right now (post-Ottawa loss) I'm very ticked off. Watching the Nashville-Minnesota game I hear their broadcasters joke about renaming the street after David Poile for bringing them Peter Forsberg. This is making me feel ill. My 2006 Stanley Cup playoff tickets sit on my shelf mocking me. I'm really tired of hearing excuses from this franchise "It's not our fault that ___ happened". At some point it is your fault. Sports is a bottom line business and this organization is not getting it done from top to bottom.

But you can read a million threads on the various boards to the same effect. So rather than just vent like everyone else, I'm going to go see The Selmanaires tonight at Star Bar. Hopefully, after I calm down a bit I'll have something insightful to write.

Edit: The show was a good tonic for my post-loss blues. The Selmanairs were great as always and the opener Moresight was a welcome surprise. I enjoyed their set and look forward to hearing them again.