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A Huge Missed Opportunity

After the 1st Flyers loss I was angry. After the Islanders loss I was ticked off. After the 2nd Flyers loss I'm just depressed. Why? Because I don't see much evidence that crucial problems are being addressed by the coaching staff.

Let's take a hard look at the situation. The Thrashers are in the tail end of stretch where they played 8 of 9 at home. During that same stretch Carolina has stumbled and allowed Tampa to catch and pass them in the standings. If the Thrashers had simply played up to their talent level they could have won 12 points in those 9 games and ran away from the 2nd place team.

The Thrashers did not take advantage of their opportunities and now they are headed out for a road trip against mostly Western Conference teams. It is no secret that the West is considerably stronger than the East. The way this team is playing right now I would not be surprised if the Thrashers 1-5 or 2-4 on this trip.

While the Thrashers are playing four western teams plus two strong eastern teams on the road. Tampa is playing western bottom teams like LA and PHO and they have a home-and-home with last place Florida. Tampa only plays two playoff teams (NYR, NJD) in their next 7 games.

Given the nature of the schedules and the way Atlanta is playing right now and the lack of creativity we are seeing from the coaching staff I expect that the six point lead over Tampa may be completely gone by the next time this club plays a home game in late Feb.

Next post I will offer up my own suggestions for things that could be done to make this team better without making a single trade.