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Stefan Screwup and USA got Robbed at WJC

Back when Patrick Stefan played for the Thrashers I once mocked his pathetic excuse for a shot by saying that Stefan only scores three ways:
1. Someone passes to him on the back-door side and he scores into a half empty net.
2. He fakes the goalie to the ice scoring into a half empty net.
3. He scores into an empty net.

Well last night Stefan proved that he couldn't even do the latter as he somehow muffed a EN chance about three feet from the goal line. The Oilers went the length of the ice and tied the game with 2 seconds left forcing OT. The Stars ended up getting the OT goal but Stefan's screwup gave rival EDM an extra point.

Former Thrashers Ray Ferraro was doing commentating for the Oilers and just ripped into Stefan saying he ought be ashamed of himself. I'm sure Ray felt the same way when he watched Stefan fail to finish his checks in Atlanta. Stefan may be the least physical checking line center I've every laid eyes on in the NHL.

So far Stefan has just 9 points in 28 games played and 3 of those 9 points came in his one game versus Atlanta. (As I said after the DAL-ATL game "If Stefan every played like for us, he never would have been traded.") That gives him just 6 points in 27 non-Atlanta games which puts him on pace for a 18 point season over 82 games played.

I'm watching the Bronze Medal WJC game right now and TSN just went over all the ways that the USA got robbed by the refs in the game versus Canada. They showed how the powerplay that led to the goal that tied the game was simply a hit that was called interference. Downie acked like he had just suffered a major injury and then jumped up and played on the power play (I'll bet if a USA player had done this we would be hearing about how he was disrespecting the game, etc.) Then when Jack Johnson was high sticked it should have resulted in a 5 minute major. Finally, in the OT the shooting order should have reversed after the first three intial shooters. So instead of USA playing catchup to Canada the pressure whould have been on Canada if the USA had scored. All togther a terrible performance by the ref crew in a crucial game at the WJC. I will say that to their credit TSN pointed out these things.