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Garbage Goals

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One of the most frustrating things about watching the Thrashers lately is the unwillingness of the players to simply fire the puck on net and crash the crease looking for rebounds to chip in. The Thrashers seem overly fixated at times with making the perfect pass which they hope will lead to the perfect shot and the perfect highlight goal.

I hate to break it to them but if you watch a lot of CenterIce you will see that a good many goals happen simply because a team puts the puck on net and applies pressure. Last night the Thrashers displayed a problem which has long plagued the franchise--all three forwards below the goal line cycling the puck and nobody available in the slot to receive a pass or take a one-time shot.

When the Thrashers have a 5 on 3 they simply must put the puck to the net and use their superior numbers to cash in any rebounds.

I will give Hartley credit for assembling a potentially great garbage goal line with Slater, Mellanby and Sim the last few games. I really like to watch this line and hope Coach keeps it together for a while.