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High Fives and High Sticks

Well our road trip was kicked off in fine fashion with the Thrashers stealing a point from Tampa in the dying seconds of the game as Jim Slater deflected a Bobby Holik shot with a high stick. After the game we swung by the house to pick up Adventure Cat for the road trip and I had a chance to watch the replay several times and I have little doubt that it was an illegal goal. Some nights you get the breaks and other nights you don't.

I think the most frustrating thing for me watching the Tampa game was the failure of the Thrashers defense to realize that you can't just blindly rim the puck around the boards because Tampa ALWAYS has someone take position about half way up the boards to steal that hard around play. The other thing that was annoying is how the Thrasher wingers also failed to adjust and prevent that guy from keeping the puck in deep.

Well, it is off to Pittsburgh today. I plan to wear my shirt with Kovalchuk pointing his glove so if I end up dead you'll know why.