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Sorry I haven't posted much readers but my day job as a teacher of political science has had me focused on the Congressional elections at the expense of hockey lately.

The Thrashers face off versus Ottawa and it marks Heatley's return again. Last year after Heatley demanded to be released (which didn't happen of course) and was subsequently traded to Ottawa for De Vries and some guy named Hossa Thrasher fans were not sure what to think.

It didn't help matters from an Atlanta point of view that Heatley and Ottawa both got off to a red hot start while the Thrashers started off with their goaltender nightmare right out of the gate.

A year later Heatley and Ottawa are off to a slow start while Atlanta is red how and Hossa is among the NHL leaders in scoring. I think most ATL fans don't miss Heatley all that terribly and are satisfied with how the trade worked. Honestly I think Don Waddell got close to the maximum return possible when put into a tough situation of trading his star player.

Ottawa is still dealing with turning over their entire 2nd line from last year and losing Chara and replacing Hasek with Gerber. I still think they finish in the top 4 by the end of the year. Will the Thrashers also be in the top? I don't know, but this a good measuring stick game--can they beat Ottawa and prevent them from getting back on track?