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Halloween Arrives a Day Late: Thashers without Havelid

In case you missed it Havelid has returned home to Sweden to be with his mother who is ill. I wish his family the best at this time.

How do you transition from a serious family situation to talking about sports? Unlike Sportscenter I can't switch from the somber background music to something more upbeat. Hmmm.

Anyway, I hope the Thrashers play well tonight despite the adversity but I'm fairly worried about the outcome. Lehtonen hasn't looked razor sharp of late and I wonder if he needs a rest. With Havelid gone, Andy Sutton will be exposed for the goalie screening immobile player that he is. (The wicked side of me hopes he is -5 with Havelid away so we stop getting all the Sutton happy talk.) Throw on top of all that the dreaded "first home game after a long road trip" slow start and add a resurgent Hurricanes team and it all spells loss to me.

I will not see it in person since I'm playing hockey, but the DVR will get a workout when I get home. I expect Sutton to make the list of goals against goats at least twice.