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Climbing Mount Attendance

At the moment the Thrashers rank 20th in the league in attendance which is as high as they have ranked since their inaugural year. However, their average number of fans 15,254 is actually about 250 people less than their average last season. This suggests that a) other teams are doing worse allowing Atlanta's rank to rise; b) the Thrashers probably drew more in the second half last year once college and high school football seasons finish up in the area.

I have also noticed that over the years it seems like every time the fans fill the building and make a sell out the Thrashers loss on the ice. If I worked for the ticket selling side of the organization I would have a serious beef with the on-ice people because you want that sell out crowd to go home deliriously happy and willing to come back and buy more tickets. Instead you get 18,000 leaving grumpy.

So far this season the Thrashers have had 5 home games that drew more than their season average. Here are the five good attendance games so far this season
3-2 SO Loss to Tampa17,269
4-2 W over Florida 16,000+
5-4 W over Ottawa 16,000+
5-2 L to NY Rangers sellout
5-3 L to Dallas sellout

So you can see that they have pretty sucked in the two sell outs so far this year and managed come back and a collapse in the near sell out on opening night.