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The Southeast Shootout

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I'm happy to annouce that I am participating in a new blog called the Southeast Shootout (or SESO) that began this last week.

The SE Division has produced the last two Stanley Cup Champions but still gets disrespected by others around the NHL from time-to-time. Often the division doesn't get much attention in the national media or even local media in many of our markets, so creating a place for divisional news and chatter seemed like a good idea.

A special Thrasher's Talons thanks to the Web Guy at for mentioning this blog and the new SESO this week as we try and spread word of the new site.

I encourage fellow Thrasher fans to head over to SESO on game nights and post in the open threads as we take on divisional foes. Since the team is at the top of the division at the moment a small amount of gloating might be in order.