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Game 6 Flashback Recap

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I was out of town this weekend when the Thrashers took on the Capitals. I finally have had time to sit down and watch my recording of the game. A few observations from that game follow.

* Slater continues to take dumb penalties, every single game. This could put him in Hartley's doghouse, which is hard to escape. A number of other veterans also took unnecessary penalties this game including Holik, Mellanby, and Havelid.

* McCarthy's defensive play has been surprisingly good this season, but he did get into trouble this game. He had trouble clearing the zone which led to a tough save by Lehtonen and he shot the puck over the glass taking a penalty in the process.

* Capitals Captain Chris Clark has a bad game with two penalties and his man scored the first Thrashers goal.

GA 1: Holik penalty creates PP for WAS. Slater is on the PK unit and he fails to see his defenseman pinch down and give him the slip and scores. It was a nice play by Washington, but if Slater is going to front his man he needs to disrupt that pass.

GA 2: Capitals point shot is wide by rebounds to the other side of the net where an open Chris Clark gets off a one-timer and scores. Vishnevsky was the closest guy, but I don't have a problem with his positioning, this was mostly a bad bounce and a nice play by Clark.

GA 3: Hard shot from the left side by Zubrus leads to a big rebound to the right which Ovechkin scores with a laser shot just under the crossbar. De Vries could have played it better, but it was more of a bad rebound/bad bounce than anything else.

GF 1: Atlanta Power Play Goal. Teams are really trying to take away Kovalchuk's shot from the point and this time the Thrashers were able to make them pay by moving the puck efficiently across the zone for a Hossa one-timer that went in off of Mellanby. McCarthy made the key pass.

GF 2 : Sim scores on a backhander while coming out from behind the net. This is just a soft goal by Kolzig, should have been stopped.

GF 3: While falling down, Mellanby scores a goal off a rebound right in front of the crease.

GF 4: My recording ran out since this went to OT but my spies report that Kovalchuk danced around like a little kid after getting his first of the season for the OT game winner.