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Game 3: Kari, Kari, Kari!

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One player has been carrying this team on his back. Kari Lehtonen. Three games and just two goals allowed in 9 regulation periods plus one 5 minute overtime. Wow, that's the kind of goaltending this franchise needs to make a huge improvement in the goals against department.

It looks like the offense may not be very consistent this year, but the defense will keep the team in games and give them an opportunity to steal some points (when has anyone ever been able two write that about the Thrashers--never!). Kozlov was the other hero with a terrific individual effort to give them the meager 1-0 that ended up being the final margin of victory.

Early on the Thrashers appear to be a copy of the 2005-06 NY Rangers who rode a hot Lundqvist and a resurgent Jagr to a playoff berth.