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Prospect Camp Observations: Day 4

I went to Thrashers Prospect Camp again today. Last Friday I was very eager to get a look at the Thrashers top rated guys and I focused on them most of the time. Today I tried something different. I decided to simply write down the jersey number anytime I saw a guy do something good (or especially) bad out there on the ice. That way if one of the less hearlded prospects had a good day it would show up in my notes. Below I have listed very single play I noted on my sheet. But first let me summarize the highlights.

Pleasant Surprises of the Day: Andrew Kozek had a hat trick today during the 2-on-2 and 4-on-4 sessions and really did a lot of good things on the ice. Bryan Little showed some flashes of 1st round talent during the 4-on-4 drills with some terrific stickhandling and passing. Vannelli is a guy who isn't flashy but ended with several plus plays by the time the day was over. Just like Friday, Grant Lewis was head and shoulders above the rest of the defensemen at camp. Matt Siddall had a very good day with two goals and and some solid play.

Unpleasant surprises: Valabik's offensive game wasn't very good today and he got beat badly twice during play. Hamilton, LaVallee, Denny and Painchaud did nothing positive to stand out today.

Note: Players are listed in order of their jersey number. All goals scored are listed as "Goal!" in honor of yesterday's World Cup Final.

Jared Ross: Stole puck in offensive zone. Goal!

Alex Bourret: Lost handle on the puck (unforced error). Missed the puck. Goal! while working the puck with Siddall. Wearing some bling today in the form of a gold chain.

Bryan Little: Very nice pass on give-n-go that results in a goal being scored during 2-on-2 drill. Jaw dropping stick handling move around a guy dish to forward who then scored a goal. Steals puck during 4 on 4. Nice pass. Took a puck to the face hard, it was up in the air and deflected off a player’s stick not more than two feet from his face, no time to react—stayed bent over on the bench for a good stretch but came onto the ice when it was his turn.

Rylan Kaip: Nice pass.

Riley Holzapfel: Lost handle on the puck during 1-on-1. Terrific move in offensive zone leads to chance and goal by Kozek.

Mike Vannelli: Nice defense on 2-on-2 play. Nice D during 1-on-1. Great stick move around defender to open ice. Nice defense during 4-on-4 shift.

Jon Awe: Shot wide. Goal! on shot from the blueline.

Boris Valabik: Seldom got his shots off the ice when I was watching. Bourret made a move and Valabik fell to the ice. Beat laterally during 2-on-2 drill. Valabik does his best Andy Sutton as he leaves J. Ross wide open in the slot to tap in the pass from Pospisil. Turnover.

Colton Fretter: Good breakaway chance, goal got just enough so that puck dribbled wide of net.

Scott Lehman: Very cautious with passing during 4 on 4 (lack of confidence perhaps? Afraid to make a mistake?) Nice defense versus Little. Looked a bit more confident. Showed nice one-timer in shot drills.

Jordan LaVallee: He did nothing that got noted on my list.

Brian Lee: Picked off pass by opposing defense. Made an uncatchable aerial pass to a teammate. Set up goal by Sterling. Good chance from the slot, saved.

Andrew Kozek: Goal! Slipped by Valabik who then held him. Goal! Followed up his own rebound. Goal! Off nice dish by Holzapfel. Creates shot on goal opportunity with a nice move.

Grant Lewis Good defense during 1-on-1 drills. Nice pass to Bourret (4 on 4). Nice stop on defense (4 on 4). Toyed with opposing players, lured them in close and they stepped around him and made a great pass in the neutral zone. Controls the play. Hit a guy, but when he escapes resorts to a hold.

Tomas Pospisil: Terrific backhand pass from below goal line to wide open Ross in slot for a goal.

Matt Siddall: Goal! Another Goal! Nice move and shot but saved. Great pass on given and go with Bourret that produces a goal.

Brett Sterling: Goal! Bad aerial pass. Good work along the wall. His one-timers look effortless during shooting drills (most guys fail to score on their one-time chances).

Jimmy Sharrow: Shot way high. Passed up open shot on net during 2-on-2 to make bad pass that produced nothing. Not expecting a D-to-D pass from partner Valabik, turns over the puck,
Valabik hooks down the guy to prevent a breakaway. They give the player a penalty shot—saved. Nice shot on goal.

Mike Hamilton: I saw nothing worth noting.

Chad Denny: Turnover (4 on 4)

Mitch Carefoot: Brutal pass.

Bryan Dobek: Turnover.

Chad Painchaud: Nice pass during 2 on 2.

Myles Stoesz: Two hits.