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No Discipline = No playoffs?

Do the Thrashers read my blog? Because every player I praised late posting made key mistakes last night in Ottawa. I'll have to more caustious handing out compliments next time.

Thrashers scored twice in the 2nd to retake the lead from Ottawa. Things were going their way, they had the lead and Ottawa's roster is really beat up right now. Then three undisciplined penalties handed the Senators a comeback opportunit on a silver platter. Two 5 on 3 power plays turned into 3 goals for OTT and the Thrashers' playoff hopes are back on life support.

*Kovalchuk took a stupid slashing call after Neil got away with a slash to his skate laces. Dumb.
*Sutton took a board call after an Ottawa defensemen turned into the boards. Hello Andy--they've only been calling that a penalty for about three seasons now. Once again Sutton is either not physical enough or he goes overboard, there is seldom a happy medium with this guy.
*Brad Larson took a costly slew foot tripping call. Seeing it live I thought Heately went down awful easy--but on replay I saw it was a fair call (Heater has never been a great skater, he used to fall down once a game when playing in Atlanta).
*Throw in a terrible pinch by McCarthy and those mistakes absolutely killed the team.

After the game Heatley was asked if meant anything scoring two goals against the team that traded him at the beginning of the season: "I don't think it means anything against your old team," he said.

Ummmm, yeah right! Let's hook a lie detector up and ask that question again!