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Can I get a do over?

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The Five Games I'd Like To Re-Play from 2005-06

When you miss the playoffs by just a couple of points, you can look back at evey single missed point and wonder what might have happened. But these are my nominees for the five games I'd most like to play over again if I had a time machine.

Game I at Florida 10-5
The season opener against Florida. A close game where the team struggles to score on the power play. Kovalchuk is missing from the unit and that might have been crucial as the power play is scoreless in six chances. Starting goalie Kari Lehtonen goes down after 20 minutes and will miss about half the season. Weak goaltending in his absence prevents the team from making the playoffs.

Game II at Montreal 11-22
Atlanta loses the game in a shoot-out 3-2. The team's power play goes 0-13. No that is not a miss print. One more goal in regulation would have drawn Atlanta two points closer to Montreal in the standings. Kovalchuk, Hossa and Bondra are all stoned by Theodore in the shootout.

Game IIII Chicago (home) 12-11
The Thrashers were in the middle of a hot streak (including a wild upset of Detroit). The team came out flat and fell behind 3-0 to a terrible Chicago team. Holmqvist (who?) scores the wining goal in the shootout.

Game IV at Los Angeles 1-19
The Thrashers had a had huge 5-2 win in Dallas the night before. The Kings get the lead 2-0, but Atlanta rallies to tie it 2-2. Noted goal scorer Jeff Giuliano puts LA up 3-2, but Atlanta roars back with three straight to make 5-3 and it seems that they are in control. Then the wheels fall off as the team gives up three in a row (including a shortie). Hossa then ties it in the third only to see Jeff Giuliano break the tie again. The goaltending was just horrid. This game started a 7 game losing streak.

Game V at Tampa Bay 4-6
A huge battle for the playoff match and the Thrashers are not ready when the puck drops. Behind 1-0 after being outshoot 17-5 in the 1st they manage to tie it only to fall behind again after a stupid penalty by Savard give TB a PP goal to go up 2-1. Thrashers stage a furious 3rd period comeback and salvage a point with Kovalchuk's goal with 4 seconds left in regulation but the damage is done as the Lightning get the winner in the shootout.

Next post I'll list my nominees for the 5 best games of the season.