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NHL Referee Speaks up for Disgraced Lobbyist Abramoff

In a rare instance of NHL hockey intersecting with Washington's hotest political scandal, NHL Referee Dave Jackson was one of several individuals who wrote in favor of a reduced sentence for lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Jackson wrote "that he befriended Abramoff after being impressed that the lobbyist had invited 14 children and a rabbi to his skybox for a hockey match" (LA Times 3/29).

Why on earth is Dave Jackson getting involved with this guy? It is just me or does this strike anyone else as odd?

Abramoff rips off Indian Tribes (often among the poorest Americans) and Jackson thinks we should cut him some slack because he is nice to children and a rabbi? Sorry but using a sliver of your ill gotten money to help a few people isn't enough in my book.,1,2800001.story?ctrack=1&cset=true