Bird Droppings: Your Links For Wednesday, April 27th

Aaaand we're back. It's amazing how much you realize you need electricity to function when you don't have it. There's supposed to be another round of unpleasantness blowing through today, so if you find yourself in some really nasty weather, be safe.

Thrashers News:

Five Questions With … Jim Slater | Atlanta Thrashers - Everyone's favorite 4th line center and face-off wiz Jim Slater talks about his (half) season and his progress as far as returning goes. Say what you want, but you read his quotes and you know that the guy cares. I think that we have the most dedicated 4th line in the league.

NHL News:

KuklasKorner : The Malik Report : Throwing an octopus in Detroit doesn’t just result in a $500 fine—it’s a misdemeanor - Good lord, seriously? A misdemeanor charge with a trial? I know that the city of Detroit needs a cash influx, but holy cheese, don't punish the fanbase of your one (currently) successful sports team by enacting a law this ignorant. Even better - it's been going on since March, and the Joe Lewis folks never told anyone. I'm sensing a police mandate so some revenue could be gathered.

Hockey Fans Too Cynical On NHL's New TV Deal With NBC, Versus - - Are hockey fans too fixated on finding things to complain about in the NBC/Versus deal?

Now, 43 Seasons Without a Stanley Cup - 1967!

Canadian takes helm in bid to buy Stars - The Globe and Mail - Cancel the relocation rumors - Dallas's staying put.

Tin-foil hat time for Canucks media, GM about refs vs. Chicago - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports - I've never been one for NHL conspiracy theories (honestly, does anyone really believe that the front office can carry off something like that without actual proof leaking out? That would involve competence). The Canucks faithful are crying foul against the league, saying there has been favoritism against them all series long.

NHL: Jackets inquire about moving to East | BlueJacketsXtra - Why yes, Columbus, you have so much clout in the league that the Divisions'll be re-aligned to plunk you down in the Eastern Conference. I guess the travel got to be too much; admitting your team isn't man enough for the Western Conference schedule's a bold, if not odd, move.

Monday's notes: A New Day In Smashville - On the Forecheck - On the Forecheck is very understandably happy about the Preds' advance to the second round. In the name of "small market solidarity," I believe that Nashville's my Western Conference playoff team.

Flyers-Sabres OT Thriller Draws Best First Round Numbers Since 2009 " Puck The Media - Either way that you slice it, next round NBC's going to have at least one big market in the East. This will be helpful if the Tampa Bay Lightning take out the Pens.

The Jinxiest Jinx Ever to Jinx: Aleksandr Reut’s "We are the Champions" Painting - The word "hubris" doesn't mean anything to some people, does it? Even more hysterical, this was painted after their first round loss last season.


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